Paul W. Risnger KIA 8 Nov., 1967


    There is a story which goes with these pictures.  Paul was in my squad in A Co. of the

3/39th.  He was one of the few who was married, and had a baby he had seen only once.  

He was a quiet, temperate and kind soul.  His loss was deeply felt by all who knew him.  

That is why I and another former member of the squad tried independently and unsucces-

sfully to contact his family a few years ago.   That's where this web-page comes in.  His

daughter, now 35 years old and an Air Force Captain, yearned to learn more about the

father she never knew.  Her web surfing brought her to our web site and there she saw

a picture of her father and she contacted me as Web master.  We talked at length, which

greatly helped to heal  the wounds of the past for both of us. The effort put in to build this

web site paid for itself many times over that day.  She generously offered to share the

pictures her father had taken with all of us.  Here they are--Enjoy! G.G. Webmaster