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These pictures consist of various miscellaneous submissions by former member
    of the 3/39th.

David L.Black's pictures--Recon, Dong Tam, 1968-69

      Dave Magnuson's pictures of 3d Platoon A. Co.
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B Co. 3/39th Ammo Cashe

Harold Beane B Co. KIA

C  Co. at Fort Riley, Kansas-1966

E Co. at Fort Riley, Kansas-1966
E Co. Anti-Tank Platoon

E. Michael Shanklin's 1967 Photos of
Bear Cat
Dong Tam

E Co. 3/39th Pictures

E Co. Pictures from Glenn Irish

Henry the Hawk   and HQ. early1967

LIFE Magazine Article 13 Jan. 1967

3/39th In The News

 THEN AND NOW--1967 TO 1998 San Diego Reunion

1999 Fort Mitchell Reunion

 .Capt. Price and Sgt. Hatch-1967 and Ft. Mitchell

Jerry Musolf's Pictures of 3/39th Pig Barbacue