4 Nov 68: We didn't even get settled down from our 3 day trip when we got another mission. They've got a new thing about keeping 2 companies in the field all the time. Not much free time. By the time we pull maintenance and a few hours training, we're back out again. We move mostly after dark on the Tango Boats. It's a lot better than the choppers. The VC donít ambush very often now. We have too much firepower on the boats. All kinds of work today. Got 1 Courts Martial and 3 Article 15's to finish. The troops are sleeping in the field. We may move out again tonight so don't get excited if I donít write every day.

5 Nov: A bad day. We've changed missions 3 times already. We got word late last night that our mission was canceled and we would stand down today. At 0615 the Colonel called and said to be on the boats at 0900. We we're in a panic because we we're set for a 2 day stay. The final orders was just for today so we had to repack, drop off some items and leave the mortars and maintenance people behind. We finally got out but everyone was irritable about all the changes. I stayed behind to catch up on paper work and get the mortars ready to move. We'll go out for 3 days tomorrow. We're supposed to get some sand in today and want to get some more work done on the bunkers. Going to be a hard day. These night operations are working out good. We're shooting up VC and capturing Sampans every night. I guess they don't understand our radar. They keep coming to the same places. Our company has 2 sampans with mortars now. I had fun running them down the river on the last trip. Got a little nervous when some Arvinís fired my way. They didn't come close, but they have a reputation for shooting up the area. The bombing has not affected us. Same old war. Everyone is more excited about the elections than the war. Big arguments going all over the area about who's best. I donít think it will make much difference who wins.

10 Nov: Happy Wedding Anniversary. My DEROS is 9 Dec

11 Nov: Feel beat. We've started a new system. We only work at night and we're supposed to sleep during the day. We came off our 3 day trip and right on a night ambush. Had maintenance and classes most of yesterday, ate at 1615 and on the boats at 1730. Finally got into position at 2000. The troops are bedded down but I have some paper work that has to be completed today. I'm waiting now to get a typewriter. I think I'll sleep all day. The S3 says he has a good one for us tonight. Last night we didn't find anything. It's a lot better working at night. Catch more Charlies and don't take as many casualties. Hard to get used to sleeping during the day though.

14 Nov: Been on one of the rush-rush operations again. We we're sent out as a reaction force and from there to the rocket belt. We should have stayed 2 days but got relieved by the 82nd Airborne. They came in with a bang. Shot up the whole area and inserted whole companies. Too bad we already had the VC run out. Since they took over our AO there's all kind of rumors about us moving. We have operations planned for the next 2 days near French Fort. That should be easy. Hasn't been any VC near there for months. I guess we will still use the boats and concentrate on night ambushes. Had a sore arm for 5 days. The surgeon says it's a strained muscle. Must be from carrying too much equipment to the field.

20 Nov: Just came back from an overnight sweep. We scrambled for 3 different missions before we finally got out. We ended up moving by truck and walking in. Sure was a mess. The whole area was flooded. We set up till 0045 and then walked until 0330 to set up a trap. There was supposed to be a bunch of VC in the area.. All we found was 110 women, kids and old men. Very discouraging after being up all night. Tied up with promotions all afternoon. They changed the system so we have to do it all over again. We're trying to work in a company cookout and we're alerted for a mission early tomorrow morning. Be getting up about 0300. We're set to move back to Dong Tam about the 24 Nov

22 Nov: Just got back in from my last operation. Not very exciting-didn't see any VC. Had to make 4 river crossings though. Starting to organize the move back to Dong Tam. Sending out an advance party today to get the barracks ready. Right after I get back, I should start out processing. We just missed Joey Bishop today. He came out to Can Giouc but had to leave before we got back in. The troops here we're impressed with him. Had his picture took with a lot of the troops. I sure dread this move. Have to work nights to tear down what we've built. The line troops go by chopper. The CP and Mortars will have to police the area and pick up the trash. I've got to type up passes for all the tiger scouts so they can move their families. This is going to be a busy 3 days.

24 Nov: Everything is a big mess. We moved back to Dong Tam this morning. Planned to move at 0800 but the choppers showed up at 0715. Big panic but we got moved OK. The advance party didn't finish their work so the barracks wasn't ready for us. Everybody was milling around getting hostile. When we got everyone in the barracks had a problem with beds and lockers. I left that for Supply and the Platoons to straighten out. I'll be working about 2 days to work through the pile of paperwork they've been saving for me

26 Nov: I was doing pretty good on the paperwork. The unit made contact at 1600 , had one KIA and had to stay out so we had to get out a re-supply. We did not have anything ready or a vehicle to move it on. Had to borrow one from S4. The troops didn't have any rations or bedrolls with them. Thought it would be a routine sweep and back by suppertime. Next time we'll be ready to stay overnight Didn't get the name of the KIA until after 2100. Finally slowed down and got to bed about 2230. Don't write me after you receive this. I should be enroute home.

28 Nov: Rained all day. Planned a company party for tonight. We have everything ready and it's the only day we can have it. The Bn CO scheduled Thanksgiving Dinner for 1700 because of so many men in the field. The company is moving out tomorrow for at least a week. We'll build a shed over the barbecue, put the beer in the barracks. I hope the rain stops before tonight.

29 Nov: Big Mess. The clerk doesn't know anything about files and regulations so he just crams everything away to get the out of sight. I've corrected him o much, he hates to hear me call him. Trouble this week. The Chief Of Staff is starting a campaign to beautify the area and he doesn't like ours. He's inspected twice this week. All the guys that we're on orders with me have already shipped out. They got a 6 day cut. Still no word on my replacement.

30 Nov: Exciting day. A soldier set off a hand grenade and it sounded like incoming. I had just sat down when it went off right outside the building The VC mortared us last night. I was still working in the orderly room and had to quit to go to the bunker. They we're not hitting close but I had to interrupt my work for about an hour..

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