5 Sep 68: Stranded in Bear Cat. Replacements take all available transport- none available for 2 days.Try to catch a ride on Huey C&C flight. Most of the Division has moved to Dong Tam-nobody seems to know what's happening. Need to get back to the field and check on my men.

8 Sep: Sick in bed for two days. Doc says it's the Asian Flu. My clerk is having a nervous breakdown. He says he can not keep up with the work and take so much responsibility. He's getting short and I don't have anyone to replace him. The other clerk leaves this week so he'll be by himself. I may have to move back to the rear area- at least long enough to train another clerk.

11 Sep: Still sick. I have to go my the company in the field before I can finish promotions and R&R's. I may not be able to write for awhile. Don't know where I will find the unit.

13 Sep: Went out and came right back to work up the promotions and R&R list. Troops need me in the field. Haven't been with the troops in so long- there's a lot of them I do not know. I'm supposed to know everybody. The prisoners burnt down Camp LBJ and all got sent back to their un its. One of ours broke every rule and needs to be back in jail. Got a new clerk yesterday. I have another big scarf going. While I was on R&R, the Bn S-1 promoted a rear area dud who wasn't eligible- cost my man a promotion. I got the whole HQs shook up. I don't think they'll try that again. Got to stack Z's. Move out early tomorrow.

16 Sep: Things pretty exciting. Took some rockets and small arms fire. Shook us up but no one hurt. We got one VC with an AK47 and a rocket. Things quiet since then. I think they were just checking us out. A lot of troops on light duty now with immersion foot and ringworm. Starting to get replacements. An E-7, E-6 and a Lieutenant in this week. Hope my replacement arrives early. Got to get to work -trying to build some bunkers.

18 Sep: Hard wind blew down antennas and latrine, took the roof off a few buildings. We had built some bridges over the moats to wash boots. Were about 6 inches above water, they're 6 inches under water now. Have to go back to Dong Tam and catch up on the paperwork. Seems like it comes in bunches. We caught a gook selling pot in the area yesterday. Seems to have a good business going. We have not had a problem with it in or company. They found a body floating in the moat. Must have got drunk and drowned. I'll have to have a muster roll call to see if is one of mine. Two platoons are out today. Nobody missing that has been reported.

21 Sep: Short letter. Moving back out today. There's a rumor that we will be moving onto the boats. They've changed the outprocessing procedures. Everyone has to turn their equipment in at Long Binh and sign a statement Of Charges for missing items. I have 15 men leaving before 5 Oct. They need a lot of equipment. Guess I'll have to go "borrow" some for them.

24 Sep: Back in the mud again. Charlie kept us awake for about an hour last night with rockets. Hard time getting here. Had to get ID Cards for 2 Tiger Scouts. They didn't have the forms at Dong Tam so I had to got to Tan An. Was there about an hour and a half. Got left behind by the convoy so I had to come in by myself with the scouts. It was a little shaky. The VC go out of their way to catch Tiger Scouts and have a price on their head. Rode in with my rifle ready and driving fast. I don't plan to do that again. Still hearing the rumor about going south on the boats. Been hearing it since June. They got a new set of boats in this month- so it may be true.

28 Sep: Puny again. Thinks I got the flu.Pills don't help. It could be the water. I move between Can Giouc and Dong Tam every week or so and change drinking water. My new clerk made a bunch of mistakes. I'll have to train him. I lose all my rear area NCO's today. That will create another problem. AG is having problems getting orders out on time. Having problems with R&R, Leave and DEROS. Have to check supplies, rosters and the Payroll. The troops stay out most of the time. Hope they stop long enough for pay day activities There's always a bunch wanting money orders and checks sent home and money put in the company safe.

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