HQ Company Killed In Action Vietnam

"Lest We Forget"

          3/39th Infantry  9th Infantry Division


Harvey, Eugene D.
Lynchburg, VA
Long An
Jun 23, 1967
22E  057


Bowman, Daniel R.
Elberton, GA
Long An
Jan 8, 1968
33E  080
Foxworth, Roger C.
Dearborn, MI
Long An
Jan 8, 1968
33E  084
Boardman, Davis J.
Port Washington, NY
Long An
Feb 1, 1968
36E  048
Sargent, Steven R.
Kalama, WA
Long An
Feb 15, 1968
39E  053
Chloupek, Melvin E.
Salem, OR
Gia Dinh
Feb 28, 1968
41E  060
Westberg, Richard C. Marshalltown, IA Long An Mar 10, 1968 44E 012
Bowman, Harold E.
Waleetka, OK
Long An
Jul 16, 1968
52W  038
Boone, Robert E.
Rosedale, NY
Long An
Sep 6, 1968
45W  048
Guenther, William R.
Warren, MI
Long An
Sep 6, 1968
45W  051


Fowler, James E.
Rockwood, MI
Vinh Binh
Mar 11, 1969
29W  007
Kelly, Donald L.
Hartford, AL
Dinh Tuong
May 19, 1969
24W  055
Shineldecker, Raymond M.
Moskegon, MI
Dinh Tuong
May 20, 1969
24W  061

Note; Listed in order of date KIA. 9th Infantry Division list is not complete to identify names by units. If you know of anyone in your Company who was Killed In Action, send me their names and I will verify. Gerhard Grieb, griebg@hotmail.com.