2 Aug: Had to tear down old camp and level with bulldozers. 20 Trucks working for 2 days Have orders to move into Co Cong Province. It's been controlled by VC last 2 years. Expect lots of action.

3 Aug: Rumor that CO Cong scratched, will move to Ben Luc to get on Boats

6 Aug: Moving by Air again. Leave detachment at Dong Tam. An Engineer knocked down the power lines and tore up the generator.

8 Aug: Hectic. The move is a mess. After all equipment unloaded had to get the troops back up and reload. Put the rifle troops to bed and used the weapons platoon for detail. Had to roust the first platoon at 0430. They decided to sleep in..

11 Aug: Canceled mission. Sent us back to old area. ARVN's can not keep road cleared.

13 Aug: Just got back in-big rush to move out. VC BN located near Can Giouc. We're going to help box them in. Were on a routine night ambush and had to move ASAP. No time to pick up clothes. Marshaled at Vinh lung (south of Dong Tam) made a Big airmobile assault this morning. Had not finished clearing the other area, got pulled back for this operation. We are in the Division Reaction Force and move all over the Division area. Call us when they need help. We've been called out 4 times in the past week

19 Aug: Short Letter. On the pad waiting for next move. Had a big battle up around 8565. Operating around Rach Kien and Can Giouc. On our way to a big operation in Go Cong and then move again but don't know where yet. Rear area moving too. Don't know where I will be.

21 Aug: This has turned into a long operation. We're back in Can Giouch. No plans to go back to base for at least a month. We've moved three times so far and have been out every day for past two weeks. Only had 6 WIA bad enough to evacuate. The Chinook ahead of us was shot down during the move. Made a safe landing though

26 Aug: Things a mess. `Have troops in 3 different places. Most of the company is on the boats waiting for a mission. Forward CP is at Can Giouch and I'm in Dong Tam to get my supplies and stragglers up forward. They are trying to run Dong Tam like a Basic Training area with inspections twice a day. Charlie mortars the area about 0300 every morning. We've been on a mission over two weeks trying to stop the 3rd Offensive. Had some good shoot-outs with the VC. The troops are in bad shape. Had wet feet for 11 days and starting to get immersion foot and ringworm. We are going to be staying in the field for the next few months.

27 Aug: The unit was called out today. Took 5 WIA. Don't know who or how bad , but thankful no one is dead. Been lucky. Haven't had a KIA in over a month


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